On October 4th 2004, the destiny of two wannabe
film-makers collided when they became roommates.  Gary
Payton, founder of Mavic19 Studios, and Dan Feldmeier,
founder of NoWare Productions, both had raw talent in
their given fields and both realized each others
strengths.  Together they worked together to create a
small sci-fi/fantasy short called Battalia ab Magi, which was
produced using both company's labels.  Shortly
afterwards they decided to combine forces and created
their own new label: Unified Studio Productions,
which, to this date has produced 5 short films.

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Gary Payton
Hi! My name is Gary Payton.  I have been dabbling in
the entertainment business for quite a few years now.
I’ve acted in over 26 theater productions and directed
a total of 4.  Although it’s not my strong point, I
also love to write.  The problem is finding the
time/ambition to actually sit down at my p.c. and lay
it all down.  Laziness can be a difficult obstacle to
overcome at times.  So what kind of guy am I?   I’m
your all around artist/nerd. I sketch portraits,
collect comics (D.C. mainly), and have an ongoing DVD
collection of SciFi crap (bring back Farscape!!).  I’m
also a tech geek and love to build computers.  But
anyhoo..back to the topic of our film work.  As you
will soon find out by watching our films, you’ll see
that I have a kind of strange sense of humor.  The
nice thing about that is many people find it funny, so
I guess it works out for me.  Dan also shares this
same quirky sense of humor and I feel we balance each
other out very well . . . artistically speaking.
Dan Feldmeier
Hello.  The name's Dan Feldmeier.  You may have seen
in such tv specials as . . .uh, alright, well, I
haven't actually been in any specials, but my name is
Dan none-the-less.  Anywho, I'm an artist.  I draw,
paint, sculpt, I even do work on computers.  A true
passion of mine is editing.  I took about 3 classes of
it in college at Eastern Oregon University, and knew
from the very first film I did, I loved editing.  I
admit to not being the greatest story-teller, but I
have an eye for what works, and what doesn't.  I also
took one acting class in college, my junior year.  I
still have doubts as to my acting ability, but people
tell me I have a natural talent.  Maybe that's true,
or maybe people are just being nice, or maybe both.
Well, that about sums me up.