*What's being said about "Batfollies: Director's Cut"

DC Comics message board
"dude that so freakin hillarious! i think i shat myself!!! that so made my day. That so
needs a sequel!!!"

Defender of Gotham
Defender(The Dark Knight Admin)
"I just downloaded and watched the Directors Cut of the Batfollies and I have to say I
really had a great laugh from what you guys made, it's really a hillarious take of the
Dark Knight"

DC Comics message board
"If you haven't checked this out yet, you must do so, it is hilarious!!"
Batfollies is, as the banner above describes, our entry into Wizard's Direct To Video
contest.  It's a harrowing tale of justice failing and evil's rise to power, and one man's
struggle with his identity and is public perception.  This is the true story of Batman
(who's a copyrighted character to DC Comics, who has no affiliation with us, we just
read their comics.
Above is our Director's Cut, which inlucdes about 4 minutes of footage not inluded in
the actual entry for the wizard contest.  Click below to see the 4 minute long entry for the

Also, if you enjoyed Batfollies but haven't taken the time to watch the Hal Williams
Movies, I'd definately recommend doing so, you'll find the same type of humor in those.  
I will admit the first Hal Williams is a little slow, but as the movies progress, they
become a lot more entertaining, and I think you, the viewer, would enjoy quite a bit.
There, aren't you glad you took my advice and watched the movies.
 Well, if you are or you're not, either way, drop us a line on the
contact page.  We take your comments very, uh, hmm, seriously.  
Yes, that's it, seriously.  I'm just kidding, but seriously we do take
you comments seriously.  Wow, that's a lot of seriously's.  
Anyways, positive, negative, either way, we'll read what you got to
This is our special effects extravaganza.  Being the
first film we actually produced, Battalia ab Magi is a
story of revenge, when Mavic finally finds his former
mentor Strafe, will this be there final battle?  Watch
the film and find out!!!
Click the pic below to watch the first episode of
Batfollies: The Series