As you can tell, the site's finally been redesigned.  Tell us
what you think of the new look, we definately want feed
back and be sure to let us know if you notice anything not
working right with our website.  Dan's been trying to work
out the kinks but may have missed a thing or two.  Also, the
site works best in either Internet Explorer 6 and up, and with
Netscape Navigator 8.1 and up.

Finally got a web friendly version of our film "
The List" we did for the
i48 film contest.  Click above to view.

Below you will find a link to a music video Gary directed and edited
for local Christian rock band called The Rock Worship Team.  Now,
we would like to remind our viewers that the religious beliefs of
Gary or the band doesn't reflect upon the religious beliefs of
Unified Studio Productions.  Our goal is to produce awesome
videos no matter what the religious implications may be of the
product.  That, and Unified Studio Productions is a non-living
product, therefore it can't actually have beliefs, religious or
otherwise.  So ha!

Anyhoo, here's the
video.  This is Gary's editing debut, and Dan
taught him everything he knows, so if you don't like it, blame Dan,
not Gary.

If you don't have
Quicktime installed on your computer, just click
Quicktime to download.

We will be updating again in a few more days, but for now, the link
below will allow you to watch the film we entered into the National 48
Film contest.  It's called
Salvation Wore High Heels.

You will need Quicktime installed to view it, if you don't have it, click
here to download.

The Misadventures of Hal Williams:
Retribution of a Puppet
has been finished and is now available for viewing.  
Click here to view the
film.  Just to let you guys know, the film runs about 28 minutes long so it is a
larger file, it's about 130 mb, so it might take a while to download, but it's
worth it.


New Batfollies Comic has been added, plus we've almost finished The
Misadventures of Hal Williams.  Only a few minor touches to some of the
audio and the end credits and it will be finished.

We will be premiering it at Gary's brother's house this Sunday to just close
friends and relatives and soon after that, we'll have it up on the site.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Oh yeah, before we forget, Dan's updated his artwork page and has added a
few new pictures.  One day he may actually get around to adding color to
some of his inked work, so keep an eye out for that, just don't hold your
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